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Giant figures workshop which formed part of the Ona Catalana Festival and organized by “Manchester International Arts” and which saw the participation of 20 artists from all over the UK. The workshop lasted 20 days.

EDIMBURGH (Scotland) Year 2000

Adult workshop of Giant Figures and “Capsgrossos” for children in clebration of the Scottish Parliament.
Workshop lasted 20 days.

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DONEGAL (Ireland) Year 2000

Construction of Giant Figures with Irish artists as part of The Eragail Arts Festival” Workshop duration 15 days.

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COMO (Italy) Year 2003.

A nine day workshop of Giant Figures organized by the “Teatro di Burattini di Como”.



SANTA CLARA (California - USA) Year 2005.

Workshop of “Capsgrossos” with students of the Arts Faculty of the University of Santa Clara. At the same time a giant figure was constructed. Workshop duration 30 days.

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Specially for children, it is something which can be included in any festival programme. The workshop is of one hour duration and anything between 50-100 masks can be made depending on the number of children and monitors. The workshop consists in:-we provide the masks ready-made in papier-mache and the children then set to work painting them one by one. They are then left to dry before being fitted with elastic and made ready to use.

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